Asana Workflows:
Webinar Edition

What would it mean if you knew what you were writing for the next 12 months?

Imagine if you could write a new blog post and not forget any of the steps to get it published.

Imagine if you had a place to store all your blog ideas instead of in notebooks, post its, and random Google Docs.

Imagine being able to view your workflow and know what blogs are in the works and where are they in the process.

In Asana Workflows: Webinar Edition I’ll share with you my exact template and teach you how to implement into your business in less than 15 mins.

The Webinar Workflow Template

This easy to import workflow template will take you through all the steps you need to action to research, write, edit, and market your blog and takes you through the workflow of how to create content without overwhelming yourself and saves you time.

Step by Step Video Tutorial

I’ll take you through my training on how to implement your workflow in 15 mins or less, during this training I’ll share with you how to import your workflow, how to organise your boards into a strategic workflow so you don’t get overwhelmed with planning, finally I’ll take you through my step by step process of using this workflow, so you can see how I use this in my business?

Graphics Pack – Customise Your Workflow with Canva

Organisation can look be pretty and functional. I’ll share with you the whole template library that I use to customise the visuals for my workflows. This is more than aesthetic but a chance to build processes for both visual and auditory business owners.

Ready, you’re just 15 mins away from implementing this workflow in your business.